Friday, 1st of March 2024
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Friday, 1st of March 2024


Mar 6, 2022


Welcome to Sunday and a very wet Hawkesbury after the heavy overnight rain.


The main point, according to BOM, flooding may reach levels similar to those we experienced last week.


Major flood levels may be reached overnight Monday and into Tuesday


According to the Bureau of Meteorology gauge at Richmond, we’ve had a whopping 116.4mm total rainfall from 9am Saturday to 9am this morning.


Here below is a situation summary from the Hawkesbury SES, covering our area.


Heavy rainfall last night and this morning has caused renewed rises and flooding along the Hawkesbury, Colo and Macdonald Rivers.


Flash flooding and flooding of local roads resulted in a number of flood rescues early this morning.


Please do not try to drive through water covering roadways.


North Richmond

The Hawkesbury River at North Richmond may reach around 13.00 metres during Monday with major flooding. Further rises are possible.



The Hawkesbury River at Windsor may reach the major flood level (12.20 m) overnight Monday into Tuesday. Further rises are possible.



The Hawkesbury River at Sackville may exceed the moderate flood level (7.30 m) overnight Sunday into Monday. The river level may reach around 8.30 metres during Wednesday with moderate flooding. Further rises are possible.


Lower Portland

The Hawkesbury River at Lower Portland may exceed the moderate flood level (6.10 m) during Monday. Further rises are possible.


Wiseman’s Ferry

The Hawkesbury River at Wisemans Ferry may reach the moderate flood level (3.50 m) during Monday. Further rises are possible.


Colo River

Moderate flooding is occurring along the Colo River at Putty Road. Major flooding is possible at Putty Road. The Colo River at Putty Road may reach the major flood level (10.70 m) Sunday evening. Further rises are possible.

Macdonald River

**The Macdonald River is not being monitored by the BOM, however the river is rapidly rising again (6.54 m and rising). Jim Hunter, from SES, up in High Macdonald warns “this is bigger than the 2007 flood”.



The NSW SES is actively supporting our more isolated communities in the Webbs Creek and Macdonald Valleys.


Boats from the NSWSES and the Police Marine Area Command will be operating out of Wiseman’s Ferry again and an RFS Helicopter operating out of the NSWSES Hawkesbury Unit at Wilberforce.


**An SES flood boat and the RFS Helicopter are currently checking on residents isolated in the Whatley’s Valley (Whatley’s Creek) near Colo. All but two persons have now been accounted for.


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