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Halloween – be safe and spooky

Oct 29, 2021


Sunday is Halloween and this year, given we are out out from under the lockdowns, youngsters and witches and wizards can get out and play, but we all still need to celebrate the spookiness safely.


NSW Health’s Dr Jeremy McAnulty laid out the ground rules this morning.


“Halloween is coming up, please celebrate it in a COVID-safe way,” he said.


“Celebrations outside, provide closed packaging for treats instead of communal lolly bowls, distribute treats along the front fence, or hidden in the front yard.


“Keep it local, rather than going to well known ‘treat streets’ that may be further afield. Don’t share costume face masks.”


Under current NSW restrictions, you can have up to 20 people in your home for fully vaccinated Halloween parties.


Up to 50 fully vaccinated people can gather outdoors.


For the adults, pubs and restaurants are open.


If you’re currently isolating because you have COVID-19 or are a close contact, unfortunately, you can’t go out and celebrate Halloween.


“People isolating or feeling unwell should not open their door to Halloween visitors,” a NSW Health spokesperson said.


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