Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Power has been cut to over 900 Hawkesbury properties – some could be off for days

Mar 5, 2022


To protect public safety, power has been cut to 915 low-lying properties along the Hawkesbury, Nepean and Colo Rivers, as well as some adjoining creek catchments where floodwater is unable to drain away.


The affected properties are between North Richmond, Lower Portland, Upper Colo and Wisemans Ferry, and parts of the Nepean River between Menangle and Cobbitty.

“At Windsor, the Hawkesbury River reached peak flood levels late last night,” an Endeavour Energy spokesman told the Post today, “and with further rainfall forecast today and over the weekend, water levels in the flooded catchments are not expected to return to normal for several days”.


Safety inspections will begin later today on the eastern side of the Hawkesbury River and parts of the South Creek catchment when access is available.


“As water starts to recede in other flooded areas, there is a big job ahead for Endeavour Energy crews to ensure power is safely restored to all customers as quickly as possible.


“We would like to thank customers for their patience as the recovery continues, especially those facing flooding for the second time in 12 months,” said the spokesman.


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