Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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St Albans ANZAC Day march commemoration has its own unique musical style

Apr 24, 2022


There’s some great music on this long weekend at St Albans with the Settlers Five Band playing today – Sunday – at the famous Settlers Arms Hotel, and the group will also be helping to lend a hand on Monday’s march day.


The St Albans Folk Festival is normally held this long weekend but was cancelled a while back due to COVID concerns, which is a shame because it’s always such a great event and helps commemorate ANZAC Day in its own unique way.


“It’s a special weekend where we honour our great soldiers of the past,” says ANZAC march organiser and member of the band, Graham Black.


The Settlers Five – Graham Black is on the guitar


“It’s a weekend packed with music, and you get the chance to march in our slightly different ANZAC Day march,” he says.


The Settlers Five Band is a group of multi-instrumentalists who play all genres of music and they join many other musicians who have been jamming around the hotel and camp fires all of this long weekend.


What Mr Black calls an “all in ANZAC Day march” encouraging everyone to take part, will be at 10am on Monday.


“It’s a great chance for young and old, and even your dog, to do the short march to honour our troupers past and present. Don’t bring a rifle but sling a guitar, fiddle, flute or branch over your shoulder and join this great event”.


Those who bring family war medals will lead the march.


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