Friday, 1st of March 2024
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Friday, 1st of March 2024

A morning of MiniRoos magic: U6 Unicorns and U6 Bears showcase their moves  

Jun 26, 2023

In a heartwarming display of youth soccer, the U6 Unicorns clashed with the U6 Bears at the Wilberforce soccer fields. This eagerly anticipated match-up saw friends competing against friends and even siblings facing off against each other.

The atmosphere was electric as players and spectators alike gathered to witness the future stars of soccer showcase their skills. In the spirit of fostering sportsmanship and fair play, no scores were kept during the game.

The U6 Unicorns and Bears showcase the future of the sport.

The morning kicked off with a sense of excitement as the young athletes laced up their boots, ready to make their mark on the field. The U6 Unicorns, adorned in their vibrant jerseys, showcased their speed and agility as they weaved through the opposition’s defense. The U6 Bears, stood tall and displayed excellent teamwork, passing the ball with precision.

As the game progressed, it became evident that the players demonstrated an impressive understanding of the game, displaying promising footwork and an innate sense of teamwork.

The strong camaraderie on display was a testament to the positive influence of youth sports.

The MiniRoos soccer program aims to introduce young children to the sport and instill a love for the game from an early age. It provides an opportunity for kids to develop their physical abilities, enhance their social skills, and build lifelong friendships.


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