Monday, 15th of July 2024
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About Us

The Hawkesbury Post

The Hawkesbury Post was founded by in September 2020. It first appeared on Facebook and later became a free, independent online publication

It features daily online news and feature articles about the Hawkesbury region including breaking news, court and crime, emergencies, local politics, sports, community events, photography and weather. 

Today, the Hawkesbury Post has more than 23,000 subscribers. Like many local newspapers, the Hawkesbury Post struggled to remain viable due to its lack of contributions and its ineligibility for government grants. 

Facing closure, the Hawkesbury Post was purchased in 2023 by two local residents. As publishers, they vowed to give the paper one last chance of survival. They are determined that the publication remains free to read for all Hawkesbury residents and others with an interest in the district.

The publishers are committed to quality independent journalism with the aim of creating a place of community, a place where its stories will be told, a place to celebrate what’s special about the Hawkesbury.

The Hawkesbury Post will also be there to provide critical information during times of crisis and keep a spotlight on local, state and federal elected officials as well as local businesses and other community organisation.

In May 2023 the Hawkesbury Post hired one of Australia’s most experienced and respected journalists, Michael Sainsbury. Michael is a former China correspondent for The Australian where he also worked for many years on the business desk in Sydney as well as the press gallery in Canberra.

Michael worked in Asia for more than 11 years and has written about business, politics, corruption, the environment and human rights for the past 25 years. Since returning to Australia he has lived in regional New South Wales and continues to write on a range of issues across business, politics, the environment and where they intersect.

Advertising in the publication will be available for the first time in 2023 and we also hope that our readers will help keep the publication free for all to read by donating if they choose.