Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

New look Coles Windsor open for business

Apr 12, 2023

If you haven’t been there lately, Coles Windsor is worth a visit for the weekly shop thanks to a rejuvenated store, which its owners says offers an array of impressive new features.

Staff at Coles Windsor say welcome to the rejuvenated store…


It does have a donut machine, frozen dessert bar, and a pet treat bar, which gave us an image of somewhere our four-legged friends could hang out and well, chew things over, but it actually means you can pick and mix treats to buy for your furry friends.

Certainly they’ve been busy with the refresh. The upgraded store also includes a new-look open front bakery, complete with flatbread flipped daily, and sourdough and celebration cakes, and also includes a patisserie fridge offering a range of sweet treats.


There’s also an extensive deli range and a larger fresh produce section than before, as well as a large range of convenience meals to grab-and-go, including curries and lasagnes, plus a variety of ready-made sandwiches, salads, and hot food for quick and easy lunches.


Coles Windsor Store Manager, Mandy Manley, who has worked with the company for 27 years, said she was happy to open the doors after a challenging time for the Hawkesbury.


“Our Hawkesbury community has been through so much in the last 12 months and it’s amazing to see where we are now a year on from terrible flooding.


“The commitment and perseverance of our experienced team is reflective of the passion we have for servicing our community,” she said.


The team off 111 at Coles Windsor also includes four long serving team members, who have all been with Coles for more than 25 years. Rachel McClure, Theresa Peace, Judy Wilczak and Chris Northey helped cut the ribbon to unveil the new look store as they celebrated their major milestones with the supermarket.


Coles Windsor is at Windsor Riverview shopping centre, 223 George Street, Windsor and is open from 7am to 10pm daily with underground parking available.

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