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Old Redbank Dam overflows water into Dam 13 – situation under control claims Redbank

Mar 7, 2022


One of the original farm dams at the North Richmond Redbank development– they call it Dam 6 – overflowed this morning following the heavy overnight rainfall and has been flowing into Dam 13 which was flagged last week by the SES as a concern, and led to a large evacuation from North Richmond.


Today’s dam overflow meant water flowed down into Dam 13 and as seen on a video one of our readers sent in – see below – machinery is working on the flow here from the old Dam 6.


Machinery at work on Dam 6 at Redbank which overflowed this morning


Last week, Redbank said there was no issue, with both dams 13 and 14 working as intended, which meant water flowed from them as planned, ultimately through piping to Redbank Creek.


A few minutes ago they put out a statement saying the leaking dam had not been touched as part of the Redbank development.


“This Dam, known as Dam 6, is situated within the undeveloped part of Redbank North Richmond, and is protected by NSW Heritage,” said a spokesman.


“Hence it had not been re-constructed or re-engineered by Redbank Communities and been kept at its original form.

“Our engineers have inspected the Dam, and are continuing to monitor it, and it seems that Dam 6 had already reached its peak in the early hours of this morning causing it to naturally overflow into Dam 13.


“Although the increased inflow has caused the dam level to rise at Dam 13 initially, the two-staged overflow system is operating as it should, and channelling water through large pipes under Yobarnie Avenue into an open channel and culvert system below the RSL Lifecare Retirement Village, and then continuing within the designated channels to the Redbank Creek.


“Overflow levels from Dam 6 right now have dropped substantially from the initial levels,” said the spokesman


“Water level at Dam 13 is also continuing to fall rapidly.”


The spokesman added, “in a national emergency like we are experiencing right now, it is very important that the community is not panicked unnecessarily, and that only accurate information should be shared.


“Redbank Communities has been in constant contact with NSW SES and Hawkesbury City Council throughout the course of these events, and we will continue to keep the community informed with up-to-date information regarding this matter.”


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