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Recovery payments for flood-affected Hawkesbury residents and businesses now available

Jul 5, 2022


Federal government payments of $1000 for adults and $400 for children that are being, and have been, impacted by this latest flood will be payable from tomorrow, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced this morning.


“This still remains a dangerous situation and we need to respond appropriately,” said the PM speaking from the Homebush Emergency Centre.


“It’s heartbreaking to think that for many people this is the third or fourth time in 18 months that their lives have been disrupted by a natural disaster of this magnitude.

“Over the last few years our resilience has been tested time and time again, and many people are doing it tough,” he said.

“I want everyone in a flood affected region to know that the Commonwealth stands ready and committed to provide support now and through the recovery.”


The State government will also be handing out $50,000 small business grants and $75,000 primary producer grants, with Premier Dominic Perrottet saying the pace of handing out grants was too slow and bureaucratic last time.


“I want those small business grants, the $50,000 small business grant and the primary producer grant of $75,000, out the door as quickly as possible and that work is being undertaken as we speak,” he said.


“As soon as I leave here, I’ll be on the phone to the minister to make sure that it is there and directs its efforts and channels its focus into making sure that those funds are out the door.”


The Premier also pointed to the smooth working relationship between the State and new Labor Federal government, which he said was welcome.


“I am very pleased that the Commonwealth is cooperating so well with the New South Wales government,” said the Premier.


“It is a seamless relationship that we have, which is what people want to see at a time like this.


“I know the engagement between Murray [Murray Watt, Federal Emergency Minister] and the state and federal emergency service ministers has been strong from the outset.


“Murray is the first emergency service minister from a federal perspective who has come to Homebush where we stand up, and that is incredibly important, because we don’t want the bureaucracy getting in the way of ministers actually understanding and coordinating and communicating what the issues on the ground are.”


“So you get better outcomes, you get a faster response, in my experience, when ministers are contacting each other directly, understanding the needs and concerns on the ground and responding effectively.”


On the subject of whether water should have been released earlier from Warragamba Dam, Premier Perrottet said, “in relation to releasing water from the dam, the advice we received is that that would actually have a more negative impact on those communities in that region.”


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