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Sweet taste of success – Mayor opens Windsor’s bigger, better Lollies ‘n’ Stuff

Nov 28, 2020

Welcome to the Hawkesbury’s biggest lolly shop – the new Lollies ‘n’ Stuff, which was officially opened this morning by Mayor Patrick Conolly whose father, state MP Kevin Conolly, opened the first Lollies ‘n’ Stuff just down the Mall from the new one back six years ago.

Cutting the ribbon: Darren Pead, Brian McCombe, Mayor Patrick Conolly, Lucille Pead

Moving that much candy from one store to another along Windsor Mall for the grand opening was a herculean task.

“It took 50 of us on Wednesday night with trolleys back and forth,” owner Darren Pead told the Post this morning.

“We opened the original shop six years ago and we didn’t know if it would work,” said Mr Pead. “But we gave it a go, and it took off and here we are today, bigger and better than ever.”

Mayor Conolly with Lollies ‘n’ Stuff staff and helpers at the grand opening of the new store on Windsor Mall

Mayor Conolly said it was really good to see the opening of the bigger shop.

“I think this is great. To see people investing in Windsor and making decisions about new businesses should give everyone confidence in the future of Windsor. The town has changed in the last couple of years, the revitalisation is having an affect. The plans are being worked on for the Liveability project too and we’ll start work on the ground next year. It’s all very positive for Windsor.”

The Mayor, ‘King’ Brian McCombe, Lucille and Darren Pead with family and staff inside Lollies ‘n’ Stuff

The new store is in the old Bussells Brothers building in the Mall. It’s a massive store, and now, of course, it’s sweeter than it’s ever been.

Take a look next time you’re in Windsor. Lollies n Stuff is open throughout the weekend – until 11pm today – and of course every day in the week, and is well worth a visit.

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