Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

The Hawkesbury Cops a Bucketing

Jan 15, 2024

Hawkesbury residents woke up to an unprecedented deluge of rain overnight, particularly in Kurrajong Heights with a staggering 151mm recorded until 9am this morning, according to the SES. This rainfall stands as the highest recorded overnight in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Simultaneously, other areas experienced substantial rainfall, with North Rocks reporting 122 mm and localised flooding, while Wattamolla in the south saw 102mm fall.

 Despite the record-breaking downpour, the number of emergency calls remained relatively low.

“It’s interesting that the Hawkesbury has received such intense rain but the number of jobs doesn’t reflect just how intense the rain was. We’ve been pleasantly surprised that the number of job totals haven’t been higher than they were,” an SES spokesperson told the Hawkesbury Post.

“It might be that the Hawkesbury locals are just a bit more resilient and only call the SES when things are really serious because we haven’t received any flash flooding requests for assistance this morning,” he said.

A large fallen tree across the parking area and road at Pugh’s Lagoon, Richmond.

Since midnight, in the Hawkesbury, the SES has responded to six callouts, primarily related to leaking roofs. Additionally, emergency services were called to Yarramundi after a large tree fell on Yarramundi Lane. Richmond also saw a large tree fall across the road at Pugh’s Lagoon.

Although the rain has eased a little this afternoon, the State Emergency Service (SES) is gearing up for more potential heavy falls anticipated on Wednesday. 


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