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Two Hawkesbury councillors standing for Senate in Federal election – Wheeler and Djuric

May 9, 2022


We have one Hawkesbury councillor standing for the House of Representatives Federal seat of Macquarie, that’s Sarah Richards for the Liberals – and two others standing for the Senate in the May 21 election.


There would have been no less than 4 out of the 12 Hawkesbury councillors standing in this Federal election but one of them – Eddie Dogramaci – couldn’t quite muster the numbers he needed for endorsement.


So, on the Senate ticket, Shooters, Fishers and Farmers (SFF) candidate Shane Djuric – who is a newcomer to Hawkesbury Council, after being elected in the December 2021 election – is standing for the Australian Senate at the top of the SFF card.


And seasoned Greens councillor Danielle Wheeler is also taking a tilt at the Senate but she is number 8 on the Greens ticket, so a hard task there to get herself elected. The Greens’ NSW MP David Shoebridge is hoping to move from NSW Parliament to the national stage and is top of the party’s Senate list.


Interestingly, Kingsley Liu, who was the Macquarie Greens House of Reps candidate back in 2019, is running on a Senate platform too in the Macquarie ward – but he’s now running for the Citizens Party.


And he’s not being kind to the Greens, with a how-to-vote card which places his old colleagues at number 5, just one below New Liberals at number 6.


If you haven’t heard of them, the Citizens Party says its main aims include a return to government-owned public banking services by utilising post offices, a moratorium on home and farm closures, and infrastructure jobs and development.


The Citizens Party how-to-vote card for Macquarie – this is their suggestion on how you give your preferences – places Seniors United Party in number 2, Shooters in 3, Reason Australia 4, Greens 5, and The New Liberals in 6.


It’s a crowded Senate election form for Macquarie with 22 political groups, and 5 independents, with a total of no less than 75 candidates in total.


How to vote for the Senate

On the white Senate ballot paper, you need to either:

· number at least 6 boxes above the line for the parties or groups of your choice, or

· number at least 12 boxes below the line for individual candidates of your choice.


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