Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

Windsor Optometry Marks 100 Years in Century-Old Home

Nov 8, 2023

Windsor Optometry recently celebrated a significant milestone – 100 years in its new, century-old location at 283 George Street. The event brought together friends, family, loyal customers, and suppliers to honour the meeting of two remarkable histories.

The practice, now based at 283 George Street, has a long history dating back to around 1920. It all began when a local pharmacist named Alfred Uren decided to set up a place where city-based optometrists could come to conduct eye tests while he dispensed glasses. This innovative approach laid the foundation for the practice’s commitment to offering clinical excellence, quality eye care and caring staff.

Windsor Optometry owner Deanne Bradford with Ron and Valerie Males who have seen all four optometrists over the years.

The building itself has its own history, built around 1905 by the Cupitt family. Later, it was purchased by the well-known Windsor family, Horrie and Nellie Daniel. The Daniels made this house their home and raised their seven children here for over 60 years. Horrie Daniel’s longevity is also noteworthy, as he lived in this historic home until he reached the impressive age of 101.

Carole and Marie grew up with their five siblings in the house.

Windsor Optometry’s move to this location is more than just a change of address. Owned by Deanne Bradford, the relocation pays tribute to the rich history of the practice and the importance of the 283 George Street address to the community for over a century.

Enjoy the photos from the opening soiree.

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