Friday, 1st of March 2024
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Friday, 1st of March 2024

Apr 8, 2022


The Western Sydney SES have distilled information given in the Bureau of Meteorology’s Flood Warning 14, which came out just before midday, and based on that info on river levels and expected levels, they came up with this useful guide to where we are and what might happen for the rest of today.


We’ll follow this up with the latest BOM report in the next hour or so.


What we are expecting, say Western Sydney SES:


Bridge closures:

• Windsor Bridge may likely close in the next few hours at the discretion of Transport for NSW.

• North Richmond Bridge and Yarramundi Bridge are currently closed.


Based on the prediction provided by the Bureau of Meteorology it is expected the following areas will be impacted by dangerous floodwaters:


• Flooding of low-lying houses in the Cornwallis area

• Hawkesbury Waters Leisure Park, Bundarra Ski Gardens, Ponderosa Ski Park, Gum Leaf Ski Garden and Caravan Park, Colo River Holiday Park, Percy’s Place Caravan Park

• Farmland in the Richmond Lowlands, Freemans Reach, Pitt Town Lagoon

• South Creek between Windsor Downs and Vineyard


The following areas are expected to be isolated:

• Cornwallis

• Gronos Point for 3-4 days due to inundation of Grono Farm Rd (approx. 6.5m at Windsor)

• Property isolations along Pitt Town Bottoms Rd

• Isolation of Pitt Town from McGraths Hill due to inundation of Pitt Town Rd

• Parts of Lower Portland, Colo Height, Upper Colo, Central Colo, Lower MacDonald, Webbs Creek, Leets Vale.


It is also likely that the following vehicular ferries will cease operations at or around 3m:

• Lower Portland Ferry

• Sackville Ferry

• Webbs Creek Ferry

• Wisemans Ferry


The following road inundations are expected:

• Cornwallis Rd at Rickabys Creek will be closed, cutting the last access to the Richmond Lowlands area.

• Pitt Town Rd at McKenzies Creek and at Glebe Rd. Pitt Town Rd is also cut between Saunders and Wolesley Rd’s, leaving Saunders Rd as the last possible escape route

• Wilberforce Rd at Bushells Lagoon

• Old Kurrajong Rd near Francis St Richmond

• Multiple locations along Pitt Town Bottoms Road

• Kolora Rd, Ebenezer

• Stannix Park Rd, Wilberforce

• Cattai Rd at Longneck Lagoon

• Windsor Rd inundated between Windsor and McGraths Hill

• Low lying areas of Cattai Rd

• Hall St north of Pitt Town.


Thanks to Paul Caleo for the main picture of Windsor Bridge taken early this morning.


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