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$7.9m Kurrajong Shopping Centre given thumbs down – goes to Local Planning Panel Thursday

Oct 16, 2022

The $7.9m Kurrajong Shopping Centre planned for 87 Bells Line of Rd is set to be given the thumbs down by the Hawkesbury Local Planning Panel on Thursday, if panel members decide to agree with Council planning staff recommendations.


Artist’s impression of the front of planned Kurrajong shopping centre…


If the Local Planning Panel decide to give the development the red light, it is not necessarily the end of the road for the developers – they can ask for a review, and could even take a merit appeal to the NSW Land and Environment Court.


The land the property would sit on is planned to host a large supermarket plus several other boutique type shops, a café and restaurants, and parking for 40 cars.


The land is owned by developers Kurmond Homes, whose co-directors were brother Peter and Michael Kulakovski until Michael died tragically in August in a farming accident.


At the time a spokesperson for the company said any projects Kurmond Homes were involved in would continue.


Council staff looked at the plan for the four-storey development on vacant land opposite Bennett Property real estate, who sold the land to Kurmond Homes for $790,000.


A public hearing of the Local Planning Panel occurs if a minimum of 10 objections are made by members of the public. Five unelected panel members make the final decision on whether a development goes ahead or not.


Hawkesbury Council planning staff have said they don’t believe the project should go ahead, citing sewage management – Kurrajong does not have mains sewerage so a go-ahead would mean numerous daily truck movements to remove waste – the building height, which is not in keeping with Kurrajong properties, and issues with parking and traffic, as the building would bring more vehicles into the already bustling village.


The panel of experts, including one community member, will make a decision to either support the management report, or go against it on Thursday. If refused the applicant would have to decide whether or not to appeal the decision.


Back in August, when we covered the original story Kurmond Homes’ Design Manager, Matt Gainsford, said, “it’s very important to maintain the feel and design of the area. The building will blend nicely into the landscape and become something that reflects the village.”


Members of the public who lodged an objection may be able to address the panel, and should have been notified by Hawkesbury Council.


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