Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

Ask council candidates your questions in the only community forum open to everyone

Nov 17, 2021


Hawkesbury Post is teaming up with a diverse range of community groups to hold a joint public forum under the banner of “Hawkesbury Meet the Candidates Forums” on Thursday – November 25 – where questions will be put to candidates vying for seats in the Hawkesbury Council election.


This is the only community candidate forum open to the general public. Other business or interest groups forums are only available to their members.


The groups involved are:


BLORCAG (Bells Line of Road Community Action Group)


HRRA (Hawkesbury Ratepayers & Residents Action)


HEN (Hawkesbury Environment Network)


CAWB (Community Action for Windsor Bridge)


NRDCAA (North Richmond & Districts Community Action Association Inc.)


Council voting day is December 4 and there are 12 Council seats up for grabs.


Just under 80 candidates – all in groups aside from one – are after those spots.


We’d like to know what questions you’d like to ask and then we will put a selection of them to the candidates on Thursday from 6.30pm.


Due to COVID restrictions this will be an online event carried out via Zoom, will be recorded and made available to watch later too.


We’ll let you know nearer the day how to register.


We’d love to get your questions. Either post them as Comments on this story on our Facebook page or email us at


Hawkesbury Post is the region’s only daily news outlet and has a large and growing reach. The Post has over 11,000 followers on Facebook, 10,000 Likes, and over 4000 subscribers to our news site – and the numbers grow every day.


Hawkesbury Meet the Candidates Forums is a page that was set up in 2016 and is only used to run forums and distribute information about elections in the Hawkesbury LGA, state Hawkesbury electorate and federal Macquarie electorate. Each time there’s an election, community groups from around the area are the hosts of a forum which is run as equitably as possible. It started up in response to candidate forums being heavily stacked by political parties.


If you are already a Hawkesbury Post supporter, thank you! Our site is free, relying on our supporters to operate. Independent journalism is more important than ever, please consider contributing.

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