Monday, 22nd of April 2024
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Monday, 22nd of April 2024

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Bells Line of Road Aims to Shine as Premier Tourist Destination

Aug 14, 2023

The Bells Line of Road (BLOR) Business Council has embarked on an ambitious journey to elevate the renowned Bells Line of Road into a vibrant tourist hotspot with its pioneering inaugural tourism campaign, titled “Greater Bells Line of Road.”

Alongside, the BLOR Business Council’s online directory showcasing 125 local offerings,, takes centre stage, positioning the region as a self-sustained destination catering to diverse interests – whether it’s a quick day trip from Sydney, a picturesque destination wedding, a rejuvenating weekend getaway, or a journey through the Blue Mountains.

The campaign aims to position Bells Line prominently on the tourist map competing with destinations like Byron Bay, the Southern Highlands and the Yarra Valley.

BLOR Business Council Director, Fiona Germaine said the primary aim is to invigorate the local economy through continuous investment and resource allocation. 

“Destination NSW and Tourism Australia are yet to separately identify the Bells Line as a tourism region. That’s why it’s our mission as a business council to put the Bells Line on the map and garner appropriate attention including visitor data surveys, tourism funding and safety upgrades to unlock the potential of our region,” Germaine said. “We know day trips to the Hawkesbury region have gone up 50% between FY21 and so now is the time to put BLOR on the map. We’ve spearheaded a destination branding campaign Based on our current trajectory, we’re aiming for between 5000-10,000 visits a month.,” she said.

At the campaign’s core lies the drive through the northern stretch of the Greater Blue Mountains. BLOR Business Council’s Tourism Director and Committee Member, Jack Grieg likened the campaign’s significance to Australia’s celebrated landmarks, such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Great Ocean Road. 

Commending the collaborative spirit among businesses along the Bells Line, Federal member of Parliament Susan Templeman congratulated their efforts in tackling local and business-related concerns while showcasing the region’s appeal as a tourist magnet.

“It’s fantastic to see businesses along Bells Line coming together to work on issues that impact both themselves and local residents, and also to spread the word about what a great place it is to visit,” Templeman said.

State member for Hawkesbury Robyn Preston echoed the sentiment.  

“The Greater Bells Line of Road campaign has been created by locals, who know just what attractions this corridor has to offer – from quaint cafes nestled in a village environment to funky gift stores, breathtaking vistas, farm experiences and wholesome produce,” Preston said..

The campaign’s initial push comes through a roadside billboard positioned at the junction of Kurrajong Heights and Bilpin, offering a visual glimpse into the Greater Bells Line of Road experience. Alongside, the BLOR Business Council’s online directory,, provides a digital avenue for visitors to explore and engage with over 125 local offerings.





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