Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

Bilpin Pop-Up Gallery attracts wide range of artists for first show in early November

Oct 15, 2021

A Bilpin Pop-Up Gallery is being born out of the dreams of local artists who have been looking for a local business where they could set up, exhibit and sell their work.


Derek Keir will be showing his wooden artworks, all produced with the help of a chainsaw!


“Unfortunately, such spaces are in short supply,” said Bilpin artist and award-winning writer Catherine Wilson.


But Ms Wilson has managed to book the Bilpin District Hall for Sunday November 14 and December 12 as a trial to find out if a regular monthly event would work, and judging by the response so far it looks like a winner.


Dot paintings from renowned Aboriginal artist Judy Miller will be on show


“We have attracted multiple artists who will be offering such creations as intricately handmade jewellery, beautiful artwork, books by local authors, photography, mosaics, copper art, and woven goods,” Ms Wilson told the Post.


“I will also be there, signing my award winning novels,” she says, and each month the Pop-Up will be offering a workshop provided by a Featured Artist.


“There are so many extremely talented artists in the Hawkesbury that simply do not have an outlet to exhibit their work,” she says.


“We hope to be able to provide that avenue – particularly to new and emerging artists, who have not have the opportunity or ability to exhibit previously.”


Danielle Boughton’s Australian wildlife artistry will be a feature of the first Pop-Up


Artists already signed up include Danielle Boughton who will be exhibiting her exquisite cards and artwork of Australian animals. Danielle works with coloured pencils and her images are reproduced onto stunning greeting cards.


Derek Keir, timber sculptor and toy maker, will also we exhibiting at the Pop-Up Gallery on 14th November and 12th December. Derek produces his amazing creations with a chainsaw! His pieces are a must see.


Bilpin Pop-Up Gallery welcomes another amazing artist. Mark Baker will be exhibiting his decorative metal sculptures for the very first time.


Victoria Doolin will be exhibiting her beautiful pinecone wreaths at the Bilpin Pop-Up Galley on the 14th Nov and 12th Dec and I am sure you agree, they are quite stunning!


A selection of some of the wonderful exhibits and art set for the Bilpin Pop-Up, [L-R from top] award-winning book series from Catherine Wilson, beaded necklaces by Vicki Mayan, spiral beadwork from Michelle McNevin,, Victoria Doolin’s wreaths, metalcraft from Mark Crotty, and metal sculptures from Mark Baker

Bilpin Pop-Gallery is excited to announce that Chris Crottey will be exhibiting his 2D metal sculptures on the 14th November and 12th December. Chis has recently exhibited his creations at the Mt Tomah Gardens ‘Through the Smoke – Through Our Eyes’ event with great acclaim.


One of the main aims of the Bilpin Pop-Up gallery is to provide emerging artists with a platform to exhibits and sell their creations. Catherine Maguire has only recently taken up painting and will be exhibiting for the very first time on November 14. Visit the Pop-Up and see her amazing work (picture left).


Others who will be showing their wares are Judy Miller a local Wiradjuri woman who crafts evocative dot paintings, Michelle McNevin who produces beautiful spiral beadwork, and beaded necklaces by Vicki Mayan.

For more details on the event or to make enquiries about exhibiting your own art at the Pop-Up, go here.


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