Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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BLOR Business Council survey asks how $100m should be spent on road improvements – MP welcomes input

Feb 26, 2023

With $100million of federal government money announced for upgrades to Bells Line of Road, the Bell’s Line of Road Business Council Inc (BLORBC) wants to know how nearby businesses and residents think the money should best be spent.


BLORBC members meet this last week…


The group – which was soft launched last year – held a networking lunch on Tuesday at the Archibald Hotel in Kurrajong Heights and some 50 people representing 40 businesses along, or nearby Bells Line of Road, came along to the event aimed at sharing concerns about common problems and opportunities ahead of an official public launch of the group at the end of March.


On Tuesday, BLORBC announced an interactive Tourism Directory along with the Bells Line of Road survey, which is open to both the public and the business community, with results to be presented during the BLOR Business Council’s official launch in March.


The move has been welcomed by Maquarie Federal MP Susan Templeman, who told the Post, “I really welcome any data and information that the BLOR Business Chamber can collect from residents and local businesses.

“This is a significant Albanese government investment in the Bells Line of Road.

“While the NSW government will manage the project and put forward its advice on where the work should take place, I want to ensure that it is taking into account the experience and expertise of locals who, after all, know this road better than anyone.

“I am also very aware that the funding will not address all the issues that Bells Line of Road faces, but my expectation is that it will result in some significant safety improvements.”

“I look forward to receiving a briefing from the Chamber when its survey collection is completed.”


The BLORBC has already made its presence felt when, along with other groups, they made their voice heard on farm and pick-your-own businesses, successfully lobbying state Minister for Planning, Anthony Roberts, whose government had been looking at restricting the number of visitors on what they said were safety grounds.

BLORBC council member, Fiona Germaine, says the group’s vision is to build a thriving and diverse regional corridor to live, work and enjoy for residents, visitors, and travellers.


“We want to build relationships between businesses, our community and our government so we can achieve our vision of a road that is a thriving and diverse regional corridor to live, work and enjoy, for residents, travellers and visitors alike,” Ms Germaine says.

“The council will also be launching a new tourism website in March,” says BLORBC’s Lionel Buckett.


“The website is a one-stop-shop for people travelling Bells Line of Road, showcasing the region’s places to stay and things to do. Already the website showcases over 100 listings along Bells Line of Road.”


The BLORBC’s business and resident survey of those who use Bells Line Of Road will be used to give feedback to the federal government on how the $100m allocated to upgrade BLOR can best be used.


The survey can be found here.

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