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BLOR fully open – no major food supply issues for those west of the river – today “good for a shop”

Mar 5, 2022


Unlike last year’s major flood event when those west of the river were completely cut off on one side by a flooded North Richmond bridge and on the other by landslide blocked Bells Line of Road, we’re looking good this time around.


Supplies to the major supermarkets are coming in via the Lithgow route – so far BLOR has not been closed at all this time around – and aside from some small shortages of fresh fruit and vegetables at some IGA shops who are set to be restocked today, shelves are far from empty.


“It is definitely different this time around,” Macquarie MP Susan Templeman told the Post a short while ago.


Last year supplies had to be ferried over to North Richmond on boats and by helicopter as shops ran low on supplies. This year that has not happened at all.


In our more outlying areas like the Macdonald Valley and Upper Colo there are some issues getting supplies in but the SES appear to have that well under control with supplies arriving via boat and helicopter.


The MP was west of the river this morning having a look for herself and talking to locals, visiting Merroo evacuation centre outside Kurrajong, as well as taking time to talk to people in Redbank too about their experiences.


She’s also been visiting all supermarkets and other stores to see the situation for herself.


“There is plenty of food available and if you are in an outlying area the message is reach out to the SES. Supplies can be delivered to you if you’re stuck,” said Ms Templeman.


“Clearly there are those isolated people definitely feeling the pinch but for people who are not actually flooded it’s looking a lot better than last year and no-one is going to go hungry


“Both lanes of Bells Line of Road are open so food and supplies trucks are coming through that way.


“People are much better prepared and more aware this time around and I have spoken to Transport for NSW who are very mindful that it’s vital to keep Bells Line of Road open.”


More rain is expected from Sunday evening so the MP says today “is a good day to do a shop,” just in case we see more flooding from tomorrow and into next week.


She also stressed that for anyone who wants to donate to help those who are flood affected they should do so through the GIVIT who are working with the NSW Government to ensure donations are managed to support all impacted communities across the Hawkesbury. Check them out here.


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