Monday, 24th of June 2024
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Bullseye: Local Girls Bring Home Gold

May 27, 2024

by Imogen Abbott

Hawkesbury teenager Emily Griffiths has etched her name into the annals of history at the Australian Youth Archery Nationals, clinching gold in every competition she contested, firmly establishing herself as one of the most promising talents in the sport.

Exhibiting remarkable skill and composure, Griffiths, a student at the Centre of Excellence in Agricultural Education at Richmond Agricultural College, left an indelible mark on the Australian Youth Archery Nationals held in Tuggeranong, ACT, which was held between March 17th and April 1st. Griffiths showcased her dominance in the under-16 female compound category, seizing gold across all disciplines—indoor, field, and outdoor events.

Joining Griffiths as a Hawkesbury Representative was Tristal Hoare, a standout competitor from Hawkesbury High School. Hoare showcased her talent with a bronze medal in the Indoor shoot and three commendable fourth-place finishes in the outdoor field rounds in the under-18 female division.

Earlier this year, Griffiths and Hoare were selected for the NSW compound team, laying the groundwork for their ascent onto the national stage.

These remarkable young athletes have both played pivotal roles in securing the NSW compound team’s gold medal triumph. 

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