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Celebrating talent and community spirit: The Hawkesbury Eisteddfod

Aug 21, 2023

The Windsor Function Centre has come alive with the sights and sounds of the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod, as local and regional talents gather to showcase their skills. This time-honoured event, deeply embedded in the Hawkesbury region’s cultural heritage, is back once again, bringing together the community in a celebration of creativity.

Originating 68 years ago, the Hawkesbury City Eisteddfod has burgeoned into a grand spectacle, welcoming approximately 7000 performers ranging in age from 5 to 99 years old. Spanning from July to September, this year’s edition marks the 71st Annual Festival, a testament to the enduring legacy of this celebration.

A celebration of music, dance, drama, and spoken word, the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod, is entirely volunteer-run event provides a platform for both budding and seasoned performers to come together, shine, and showcase their skills.

Running until September, this year’s Hawkesbury Eisteddfod promises an exciting array of performances that span a wide spectrum of artistic disciplines. From ballet routines to musical performances, from theatrical acts to thought-provoking spoken word presentations – there’s something for everyone to enjoy and be inspired by.

For those eager to bask in the magic and support local artistry, the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod’s official event page on Facebook ([]( is the ultimate hub for staying updated on the latest schedules, standout performances, and announcements.



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