Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

COVID by the numbers – 115 active Hawkesbury cases and 26 new – most test centres closed until Wed

Dec 27, 2021


Welcome to Monday evening as COVID cases continue to climb across the Hawkesbury, even though all test centres are closed until Wednesday, which suggests people are travelling to other open centres outside of our area to get tested.


The test centre at Hawkesbury Hospital may be open tomorrow – Tuesday – but NSW Health has not made it clear if it is…we’ll bring you more on that when – if – we hear back from them. Currently the NSW Health site says the test centre is open from Sunday 9am, which we assume refers to this last Sunday but it may be next Sunday – a date would help, NSW Health…


Our numbers guru Kevin Pollard and his family spent some 8 hours queuing today to get a test at Penrith, such was the long queue – but Kevin still managed to get today’s numbers organised, dedication that is.


Today’s headlines:

* 26 new Hawkesbury COVID cases, 15 are linked, so 11 from unknown sources


* 115 active COVID cases in the Hawkesbury (was 92 yesterday)


* 6324 new NSW cases (6394, 6288 5612, 5715 cases on previous days) reported to 8pm, Sunday, December 26 – 283 from Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District, which includes the Hawkesbury.


* There are 520 people in hospital with COVID in NSW (was 458, 388, 382, 347 on previous days) with 55 (52, 52, 53, 45 on previous days) people in ICU – 17 (15, 14, 12, 13 on previous days) of whom require ventilation.


* There were 166 people in hospital 13 days ago, 520 today.


* 4 of those 55 in ICU have the Omicron variant, 51 have Delta. A man in his 80s died of Omicron in Parramatta in the last 24 hours.


* 36 of those 55 in ICU are unvaccinated, including several aged under 12 who aren’t eligible for the jab. 19 of the 55 are either fully vaccinated or partially vaccinated. The large majority of the 55 have underlying health issues.


* There were 3 COVID deaths in NSW in the last 24 hours – none in the Hawkesbury – one due to the Omicron variant of COVID.


New Hawkesbury COVID cases in last 24 hours and postcodes they are in:


* 15 in the 2756 postcode (Windsor, Sackville, Wilberforce, Bligh Park, Clarendon, Ebenezer, Mulgrave, Pitt Town, South Windsor, Freemans Reach, McGraths Hill, Upper Colo, Central Colo, Colo Heights, Lower Portland, Glossodia)


* 6 in the 2753 postcode (Richmond, Richmond Lowlands, Londonderry, Grose Vale, Grose Wold, Bowen Mountain, Hobartville, Yarramundi, Agnes Banks)


* 5 in the 2758 postcode (Bilpin, East Kurrajong, Kurrajong, Kurrajong Heights, Kurrajong Hills, Mountain Lagoon, Wheeny Creek, Mount Tomah, Berambing, Blaxlands Ridge, Devils Wilderness)


Total active COVID cases in the Hawkesbury as of 8pm December 26 – and postcodes they are in


* 64 in the 2756 postcode (Windsor, Sackville, Wilberforce, etc) – was 51 yesterday


* 25 in the 2753 postcode (Richmond, Londonderry, Grose Vale, etc) – was 20 yesterday

* 17 in the 2758 postcode (Bilpin, East Kurrajong, etc) – was 12 yesterday


* 7 in the 2754 postcode (North Richmond, Tennyson, The Slopes) – was 7 yesterday


* 2 in the 2757 postcode (Kurmond) – was 2 yesterday

* 1 in the 2775 postcode (Lower Macdonald, St Albans) – was 1 yesterday


* There are 48,553 active COVID cases (was 43,351 yesterday) in NSW.


Big thanks to Kevin Pollard for crunching the numbers.


Our source information – link to NSW Health figures:


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