Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Drivers urged to remember it’s double demerits this ANZAC Day long weekend – police

Apr 21, 2022

Double demerits apply from a minute after midnight tonight (12.01am) until 11:59pm on Monday 25 April.


Drivers taking advantage of a second straight long weekend are being reminded that double demerits will again be applied across the ANZAC Day break.


NSW Police will be out in force on roads across the state to ensure the ANZAC Day weekend is commemorated safely.


A high-visibility policing operation will be in place involving general duties officers, assisted by specialist police, including the Public Order and Riot Squad, Operations Support Group, Mounted Unit, PolAir, Licensing Police, Traffic and Highway Patrol Command and Police Transport Command, to ensure the safety of the community.


This follows last weekend’s Easter Operation 2022, which saw seven people lose their lives.

Throughout the five-day operation, more than 186,000 random breath tests were conducted across the state, with 320 people charged with drink driving.


Police continue to patrol metropolitan and regional areas, targeting high-risk behaviours, including drink, drug, dangerous and distracted driving.


During double demerit periods, points apply for offences such as speeding, illegal use of mobile phones, not wearing a seat belt and riding without a motorcycle helmet.


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