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Eagle-eyed photographer snaps the Hawkesbury from above

Sep 14, 2022


A former Australian Equestrian Champion with an eye for photography is the man behind a growing collection of beautiful pictures of the Hawkesbury, showcasing the best and most beautiful features of our region.


Ebenezer Church…


Peter Haynes, who lives in South Windsor and has been a Hawkesbury resident for some 25 years, has run a videography business since 2002 specialising in the equestrian industry and before that, in what he says “almost seems like a previous life” he was an elite equestrian who represented Australia in the Olympic discipline of Three Day Eventing and also won the prestigious Australian Three Day event held at Adelaide in 1998, making him an Australian Champion.


Sackville Ferry…


He also ran a professional horse establishment until 2012 where he broke-in, trained horses, and coached many riders.


But now he has another string to his bow – a growing collection of stunning photographs, mostly taken by drone, of Hawkesbury landmarks, buildings and bridges.


South Windsor…


“Over the years I had only shown a small interest in photography,” Mr Haynes told the Post, “concentrating most of my skills into videography and, of late, coaching equestrians in riding and competing. My photography was constrained to creative shots on my phone for my own entertainment and the occasional still shot to promote my video work.”


But then he started posting his photographs to Facebook to try and generate some additional income, and hopefully drum up some more business with clients, both videoing or photography.


Agnes Banks…


“I had no intention to become a photographer who sells their own work,” says Peter, “so, I guess that happened by accident but certainly the skills of 20 years of videography and editing have been utilised into these photographs.


“To be honest, I am somewhat overwhelmed and very humbled by people’s response to my work, and it certainly has triggered a newfound passion that I will continue to work on and improve.”


The drone photography is shot on a DJI Mini 3 Pro, which, says Peter, “for such a tiny drone packs a punch well beyond its weight when used creatively and correctly”.


Windsor Bridge and surrounds…


“Being in the sub 250-gram class makes this drone more portable and able to fly where heavier drones need special permits. This drone is also what I shoot my aerial video on, replacing my previous one, the DJI Mavic Pro, around six weeks ago.”


“The Hawkesbury is such a beautiful area to video and photograph, we are genuinely spoilt for amazing scenery and historical landscapes and buildings.”


“I have found a passion in trying to show some of that beauty somewhat by accident I guess and I am forever grateful to the people who have encouraged me and pushed me to put myself out there and share my work.


North Richmond Bridge…


“I gain inspiration from several people I admire on YouTube and some photographers on Facebook, but no individual has totally influenced my work. I just create what looks good to my eye and am very much still learning my craft. So, I guess the best is yet to come, which excites me.”


Take a closer look at Peter Haynes’s photography through the links below, and see also how you can purchase his pictures.


Windsor Bridge…


High Over Hawkesbury here.

Facebook video page here.

YouTube Channel here.

Contribute to Peter here.


Main picture – Yarramundi Bridge


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