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Feds fast-track $1.1m for Hawkesbury Headspace

Aug 24, 2022

In the wake of multiple flood events in the Hawkesbury, the Albanese government has fast-tracked $1.1 million for Hawkesbury Headspace and will deliver $4 million in funding to make the region’s Head to Health service permanent.


Under the previous Federal government nine years went by without a Headspace for our area, despite numerous promises, the most recent at the March election when both major parties said they would fund it and get it up and running.


MP Susan Templeman and Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention, Emma McBride, with Windsor locals Jackson and Gemma who went along to hear the announcement


Assistant Minister for Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Emma McBride joined Macquarie MP Susan Templeman and Windsor residents last week to announce the Headspace funding will be delivered 12 months ahead of schedule.

“When a flood comes, and then it goes, it isn’t actually over,” Ms Templeman said.


“That’s when a lot of the really hard stuff for a community starts, and particularly when we’ve had so many floods.


“We know the cumulative effects that that that’s been having. And that’s why I’ve urged for improved mental health services for our community to make sure our kids can bounce back and be resilient, flood after flood, natural disaster after natural disaster.


“Under the previous government’s funding allocations, not a cent of Headspace funding to design and create a new Hawkesbury service was due to be available until July 2023. This was a surprise to learn, and disappointing, given how urgent the need is.

“It takes between six to 12 months for a new Headspace to get from starting date to opening, so that meant we would not have seen the doors open until some time in 2024,” Ms Templeman said.

“Bringing forward $1 million means the Primary Health Network (PHN) can start immediately on the planning and design phase, identify property and refit it so the doors can open sooner, in 2023.

“The exact timeline will depend on a number of things, but essentially this means the doors will open sooner than it would have. “


Ms McBride said she wanted to recognise Ms Templeman’s advocacy for a Hawkesbury Headspace.


“I know that this is something that is so close to your heart, and you have stood up for your community for years to be able to have proper youth mental health services,” the Assistant Minister said.


“And because of your advocacy today, we can announce $1.1 million to fast track headspace Hawkesbury.


“Some of the floods here have been the worst in 44 years,” Ms McBride said.


“And as you said, this is two or three floods on the on the back of bushfires and COVID.


“We know that the cumulative trauma of natural disasters has a significant impact on people, particularly young people.”


Ms McBride said she was also pleased to announce important news for adults too, with the go-ahead for a pop-up centre, a Head to Health centre, and $4m to make it permanent.

Ms Templeman added,the really important thing is, this means there will be free services available as a result of this, because we all know the long delays and the high out of pocket costs people face accessing services, and so it’s crucial.”



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