Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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FLOOD WATCH – Hawkesbury Flood Statistics Unit tracks river and dam levels

Nov 26, 2021


Here’s a great resource set up by a group of Hawkesbury locals and statistics experts, using official river gauge monitoring figures and Bureau of Meteorology updates to give an accurate and timely overview of our river heights.


You can easily see where the levels are at, which is important just at the moment with potential ‘minor’ floods possible by this afternoon in low lying areas of the Hawkesbury.


“When we had a long period of no major flooding in the Hawkesbury for 20-plus years we had many friends that had moved into the area and had never seen a flood,” the Unit’s spokesperson told the Post.


“As long term locals that have seen many floods – and with a keen interest in statistics – we had always tracked the river levels and our friends often asked for updates. We jokingly called ourselves Hawkesbury Flood Statistics Unit. This led to the creation of our community Facebook page in 2013 to keep our friends up to date. During the moderate flooding a few years later the page went viral, there was obviously a community need for reliable information.


“Our page aims to draw accurate information from reliable and official sources to help prevent a lot of misinformation and conjecture that circulates in these times.


“Our new dashboard brings together the most up to date river and dam data into a clear and concise visual format so that the community can see how levels are tracking ‘at a glance’. We are planning to expand the dashboard to include more locations/gauges in response to feedback from our followers.”


Here’s the link to the dashboard. It’s a really great source of information, and we’ll keep sharing it, with HFSU’s agreement, to help keep Hawkesbury residents informed during heavy rain and potential flood situations.


Here’s the link to the HFSU’s dashboard:


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