Friday, 1st of March 2024
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Friday, 1st of March 2024

From tomorrow density limits scrapped in the Hawkesbury as many COVID restrictions lifted

Feb 17, 2022


Yes, it’s happening sooner than expected – the current rules were in place until February 28 but NSW Premier Dominic Perottett said today, “the efforts people made across the state” allowed them to be changed earlier.


Singing and dancing is allowed from tomorrow – Friday – though you will still have to wear a mask if you enter a retail store, but you won’t have to do the QR code sign-in.


From tomorrow:

  • All density restrictions will be scrapped

  • Singing and dancing will be allowed at all hospitality venues

  • QR code check-ins will only be required for nightclubs and music festivals

  • The direction for employees to work from home will also be changed, and will be left to the “employer’s discretion”

From Friday, February 25:

  • Masks will no longer be mandatory in most indoor settings, but you’ll still need one on public transport, and in hospitals and aged-care facilities

  • Masks will be encouraged indoors where people can’t maintain social distancing, such as retail settings

  • Singing and dancing will be permitted at all music festivals

  • The 20,000-person cap on music festivals will be removed


Meanwhile, from Monday, February 21, the length of hotel quarantine for unvaccinated international arrivals will be reduced from 14 to seven days.


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