Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Hawkesbury Council’s flood waste collection and booking system…

Mar 23, 2022


A fair bit of information here, written in Council’s usual breezy style, so just to cut to the chase, you need to register for flood waste collection, which is available on Council’s website by clicking on the yellow tile ‘Dropping Your Waste at the Tip’ or the direct link here.


Additionally, the Waste Management Facility – that’s the tip to you and me – is now open for all Hawkesbury residents, but again you need to book before you turn up. The link for that is the same as above.


Flood Waste will be accepted at the Waste Management Facility free of charge for flood affected residents only.


Charges apply for other waste that is not flood waste and for residential properties that are not flood affected.


Waste will be checked at the gate. Loads containing asbestos will be rejected.


Operating conditions are:


· Everyone must book


· Bookings are available between 8am to 3:30pm only


· Appointments must be booked ahead for you to be permitted access in to the facility


· Bookings will be for a maximum period of 15 minutes and this will be monitored by our landfill staff


· Bring proof of your booking


· You will be required to provide proof that you are a Hawkesbury City Council resident upon entry to the Facility (i.e. licence with residential address, rates notice)


· One trailer load limit


· Please arrive on time as a courtesy to all residents trying to access the service, especially those affected by the floods


· If you are late by your appointment by 10 or more minutes, you may not be permitted access to the facility and may be required to re-book


· Please be courteous and patient with our staff as they assist you.


Persons must follow landfill and gatehouse attendants instructions at all times. Any refusal to follow instruction will be treated very seriously and you will be asked to leave.


Flood waste at your kerbside


As we’ve pointed out before, there will be a focus this year on flood waste collection from the kerb, rather than skip bins. Council says this will “increase the speed and efficiency of the clean-up process”.


Ensure your flood waste is separated into the following type of waste:


· e-waste

· metals

· mattresses

· chemicals or other hazardous materials (<20L or <20kg)

· other flood waste.


During the booking, if you have advised then that you are physically unable to take flood waste from your property to your kerbside, Council says someone will contact you to discuss what assistance may be available.


Register for Council Flood Recovery updates at


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