Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Hawkesbury Valley bow out of finals race after tough fight against Uni of NSW

Sep 5, 2022

This report and most excellent pictures by Brett Kenna


Hawkesbury Valley’s 1st Grade rugby team bowed out of the finals race in the NSW Sub districts Second Division Competition on Saturday to the much improved University

of NSW team 31 – 10.


Second rower, James Benton (left) wins another lineout…


The wet, cold and windy conditions were not conducive to the free flowing attacking strength of the Valley backline.


Jack Fleetwood hits the line at speed…


Uni’s defence and kicking game put Valley on the back foot from the start, but they held out for the first 25 minutes before Uni managed to put points on

the board.


The Hawkesbury boys never gave up and should be extremely proud of their foray into Second Division Rugby for the first time.


Number 8 Gabriel Viiga hit in a big tackle…


A huge thank you to all coaches, managers, supporters and the many other volunteers who helped contribute to the smooth running and success of the club this year.


Hopefully most of the players will return to have another crack across all four teams.


No way through the defence for hooker Jake Teggart…


Lose forward Tim Wilson on the attack…


Outside centre Jayson Troy off loads the ball…


1st Grade team photo…


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