Friday, 1st of March 2024
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Friday, 1st of March 2024

Hawkesbury’s Australia Day Award Winners

Jan 26, 2022


Congratulations to the winners and enjoy your awards experience.


All left to right, main picture: Cllr Mary Lyons-Buckett, Cllr Paul Veigel , Mayor Patrick Conolly, Australia Day Award Winner Michael Payne and nominator Jenni Payne. Clockwise: Australia Day Award Winner Phillip Routley with his family and Mayor; Cllr Sarah Richards, nominator Patrina Carter, Australia Day Award winner Anne Robbie (left beside banner), Mayor and Cllr Danielle Wheeler; Australia Day Award Winner Lillian Page and family and Mayor, and Cllr Paul Veigel; Nominator Maureen Rose, Australia Day Award Winner Diane Williams, the Mayor, Cllr Jill Reardon


Diane Williams – Citizen of the Year – Commitment to Girl Guides

Sophie Wills – Young Citizen of the Year – Defibrillator installation program

Anne Robbie – Volunteer of the Year – Rescues, rehabilitates cats and Animal Shelter volunteer

Penny McKinlay – Local Hero Award – Member RFS, BRAG, Mountain of Joy

Michael Payne – Sports Person of the Year – Commitment to Swimming

Lillian Page – Junior Sports Person of the Year – Commitment to Athletics

Phillip Routley – Community Arts Award – Commitment to arts and music in the Hawkesbury

NSW State Emergency Services Hawkesbury – Community Organisation of the Year – Volunteer work during the 2021 floods.


L-R – Cllr Jill Reardon, the Mayor, Cllr Mary Lyons-Buckett, Australia Day Award Winner Penny McKinlay, Cllr Eddie Dogramaci and nominator Karren Stuttle. Pic 2: Cllr Sarah Richards, nominator Patrina Carter, Australia Day Award winner Anne Robbie, the Mayor, Cllr Danielle Wheeler.


Editor’s note: We would very much have liked to have been able to tell the stories behind each award, with some comments from each of these folks – a format we’ve carried out as journalists for over 40 years across numerous local newspapers. Normally, local councils give their local media that information well before the awards’ day to allow time for some short interviews. Not so Hawkesbury Council, unfortunately.


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