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Hawkesbury’s Mission to Reduce Disposable Nappies

Sep 27, 2023

In 2020, absorbent hygiene products, including nappies, constituted a significant 4.36 per cent of the general waste bin in the Hawkesbury, amounting to nearly 900 tonnes of disposable nappies within a single year. Simultaneously, the 2020 waste audit revealed that a substantial 29.43 per cent of domestic residual waste comprised food waste.

In response to these statistics and the overarching environmental concerns, Hawkesbury City Council (HCC) is holding a series of Sustainability Workshops to help empower residents take meaningful steps towards reducing waste and cultivating a more environmentally conscious community.

“Each baby has around 6000 nappy changes. That’s either a lot of disposables stinking up your bin and sitting in landfill (taking up to 500 years to decompose) or 24 cloth nappies that you wash and reuse. Cloth nappies are better for the environment, save you money, and are easier than ever to use,” HCC said.

Despite the clear advantages, cloth nappies remain underutilized, with only 10-15 per cent of parents adopting them. The council hopes that these workshops will contribute to changing this statistic and, more broadly, foster an environmentally conscious community.

The workshops cover a diverse range of topics crucial for sustainable living. From composting and waste reduction to energy efficiency and water conservation, the primary objective is to educate residents, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed choices about their lifestyles, all while offering practical tips for reducing their ecological footprint.

The upcoming workshop, a free online “Introduction to Modern Cloth Nappies”, commences on Wednesday, October 18th, with a repeat session on November 23rd.

Further enhancing the sustainability initiative, on October 20th, a free face-to-face “Composting Workshop” will be held for the community. This session explores various composting methods, including cold and hot composting in small bins or large compost bays, trench composting, the no-dig gardening (or “lasagna”) method, animal manure disposal, and worm farms and worm towers. Led by sustainability educator Margaret Mossakowska from Moss House, this workshop offers attendees valuable insights into processing kitchen and garden waste to enrich their gardens. Whether you’re already composting or contemplating starting, this workshop caters to your needs.

Already, around 1,300 households in the Hawkesbury have embraced the Compost Revolution, receiving information and support to embark on their home composting journeys.

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