Monday, 20th of May 2024
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Monday, 20th of May 2024

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Hawkesbury’s singer songwriter Imogen Clark releases Bastards

Jun 2, 2021


Imogen Clark is really making some fine music. The Hawkesbury local has just unleashed her new EP featuring six songs, including Forget About London, which was recently released as a single, and the title track, Bastards.


The stand out track though has to be the heartfelt First Class Man which Ms Clark co-wrote with Colin Hay who many will remember as the lead singer of great Aussie band Men at Work. Hay’s voice is powerful and lends a soulful quality to the track which was written in memory of Clark’s friend Glen Hannah, who she says she misses every day. You get that through this song – it’s powerful, beautiful and packed with feeling.


“This was the hardest song I’ve ever had to write,” says Ms Clark.


“It was so special to work with Colin Hay on this one, whose songs and voice I have grown up idolising, especially on a song about something so close to my heart.”


We’ve said it before, but the young singer-songwriter is really getting some edge into her writing and singing and is on top form.


“Writing, recording and releasing these six songs has been an epic journey that started in Los Angeles a couple of months before the pandemic and has led me through to writing and singing with friends, heroes, heroes who are now friends, recording over Zoom with musicians on the other side of the world, and forcing myself to put my heart through the meat grinder and write about stuff I’ve never been able to confront in song before,” says Ms Clark.


You can get Bastards via streaming, downloading, on CD, and even on vinyl – no cassettes though. “We had to draw the line somewhere,” she says.


You can also get a special double LP combining Bastards and last year’s The Making of Me in one package



Ms Clark is back to touring this August – here are the dates and venues:


August 10 – Cambridge Hotel – NEWCASTLE, NSW August 12 – Vinnies Dive Bar – SOUTHPORT, QLD

August 13 – The Zoo – BRISBANE, QLD August 15 – Studio 188 – IPSWICH, QLD August 20 – Bundy Hall – BUNDALAGUAH, VIC August 21 – The Workers Club – MELBOURNE, VIC


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