Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Heights Bowlo is on the ball

Oct 6, 2020

It’s going to be busy up at Kurrajong Height’s much-loved Bowlo from this evening from 4.30pm onwards – it’s the first Tuesday the iconic club has been open since the lockdown. And to celebrate, you can get a free game of pool, as well as being able to buy your favourite drinks, of course and meet old mates and maybe make some new ones.

They’ve also unveiled the first locals’ dinner Spring menu, which is on this Thursday.

Mains are BBQ marinated chicken or salmon with baked cabbage and green salad, with a desert of baked cheesecake with home-grown passion fruit. Bookings essential. Call Lichell on 0417 656 437.

On Thursday October 22 after yoga from onwards, there will be a working bee to clean the gutters around the Bowls Green and to clean the lawn bowls and organise them so that the club’s ready to do social bowls, bare-foot bowls, yoga, movie nights, music concerts, and many other future events to be held on the green for the community.

On the afternoon after the clean-up, Mountain Spring Monastery will lead a short meditation, which is optional, before locals’ night dinner at The Monastery is also catering for the evening’s dinner (a vegetarian Vietnamese menu).

Bowlo organisers say they feel very privileged to have The Monastery volunteer at the Community Bowling Club to help with the much needed clean-up project.

All proceeds from the day will go towards having the Green cleaned and restored to its former glory.

Contact Lichell if you are able to help on the day.

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