Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

Henry Lawson Theatre presents David Williamson’s Third World Blues from this evening

Mar 4, 2022


It might not be too easy to get out and about at the moment, what with the flooding, but if you fancy a change, the Henry Lawson Theatre opens with a performance of David Williamson’s Third World Blues from this evening.


Directed by Heather McGreal of Blaxland, Williamson revisits his early play Jugglers Three, set in Australia against the background of the Vietnam War and first performed in 1972.


Graham (Matthew Doherty of Petersham) is a conscript and has just returned from Vietnam, keen to see his wife, Keren (Amber-Mai Feeley of Westmead).


The reunion gets complicated when Keren’s lover Neville (Anthony Ashdown of Penrith) arrives, followed by Neville’s pregnant wife, Elizabeth (Diane Darlington of Glenmore Park).


On top of this domestic comedy comes Graham’s reverberating question about the need to stop the war and the politics of protest.


Making her directorial debut, McGreal said she first saw the play as Third World Blues in its first performance at the Opera House as a year 10 drama student and wanted to bring it to life.


“I fell in love with humanity of the characters, all so beautifully flawed and real,” she said.

“The play has no perfect hero or dastardly villain as each character encompasses both hero and villain in their own story.


“When I started to consider directing a show, this one came to mind as on that I would love to see alive again.”


Preparations for the production began in 2020 with plans for a September performance but was only able to audition for parts in June 2021.


“The dedicated cast has worked through illness, lockdown, and doubt to bring this amazingly work of David Williamson to life,” she said.


“Seeing it brought to life on stage has shown me facets of characters I thought I knew so well. It’s a play that truly understands the complex nuance that is being human.”


Third World Blues runs from Friday March 4 to Saturday March 19 at the Henry Lawson Theatre, 144 Henry Lawson Avenue, Werrington County.


Tickets $25 adult, $20 Concession/returned service men and women.



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