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His dad would be proud – Probationary Constable Cain Anderson graduates Police Academy

Oct 16, 2022


Just a few days ago the latest batch of new police officers graduated and amongst Class 355 was a probationary officer with strong links to the Hawkesbury – Cain Anderson whose father, popular police Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson, was tragically killed in the line of duty in December 2012.


Cain graduated at the NSW Police Academy just two months short of 10 years after the death of his father who was among several officers attending an incident at a property in Oakville back in 2012 when he was attacked and died of his wounds. The assailant was initially jailed for 35 years.


Probationary Constable Cain Anderson…


PC Anderson said this week he was proud of what he and his classmates had achieved at the NSW Police Academy, and he feels his dad was there in spirit at his graduation.


“I think he was looking down. The clouds parted and the rain stopped about five minutes before we walked on [the parade ground]. I think he had something to do with it.”


PC Cain studied policing at university before deciding to go for it and enter the Academy.


The graduation was a big day.


“This feels amazing, and proud of what we’ve achieved,” he said. “Being able to experience it, being a police officer, it’s something special I won’t forget.”


He says his mother supported his choice to be an officer.


“She was like any mum. She’s happy I think, but concerned, as any parent would be.


“I went up to Chapel in my first two weeks [at the academy] and speaking with the padre up there, and his name was on the wall and it was a bit of a sombre moment for me and I visited there a couple of times, and yeah it’s been a journey.


“I just want to work hard and be part of the police force. I just want to be a cop that my colleagues can rely on and hopefully the community can rely on me too.”


The late Detective Inspector Bryson Anderson…


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