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Hot air balloons make spectacular landing in McQuade and Deerubbin Parks this morning

Mar 17, 2021

One of the balloons this morning, snapped by a reader


Several of our readers – and lots of people driving to work – couldn’t believe their eyes this morning when four large hot air balloons made what they believed were hard emergency landings in two Windsor parks this morning.


The incident happened at around 8.20am.


Our reader – who wants to remain anonymous – said, “It was so scary. No ID on balloons either, just colours. I was shaking after I got to Richmond . They came across from South Windsor area. They all seemed to be pumping gas but no flames, only in the first one, the rest looked like they had no power.


“They came careering over traffic, houses, power lines, and came in so fast, landing close together on McQuade Park. I was driving and got a few pics but I was terrified I was watching people about to die!!!”


She added, “And when I got close to the park people were running everywhere.”


Indeed there were people running around, but there was no need for panic.


The event – or some might say stunt – was organised and Police had already given the go-ahead.


It was all for a Hendrick’s Gin promotion and Hawkesbury Police Area Command were kept fully informed with Police having given permission for the event.


Hawkesbury Police told us the balloons took off from Rosehill and there were no issues, with the balloons landing as planned.

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