Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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If you value local news – let us know…

Jan 5, 2022


Hawkesbury Post is our region’s daily news service.


We run on a reader-donation model because we believe our readers should have a stake in what we do.


Today we’re asking everyone who reads our website and Facebook posts to help us continue to provide that service by making a donation, no matter how big or small.


You can click here to do that, or read on and we’ll tell you more.


In the 18 months since we opened we’ve gained over 11,300 Facebook followers – and rising every day – and we have over 5000 subscribers to our website.


Our posts regularly engage over 8000 people per post, some go as high as 100,000-plus.


During the floods we were the go-to source for accurate, timely and comprehensive news, as we are today on COVID in the Hawkesbury, and we’d like to be here when we face other challenges in our region.


We have over double the engagement on Facebook than any other local news site and we believe that’s because we actually cover local news and we cover it professionally, without sensationalism and always with accuracy and fairness.


Other ‘news’ outlets either concentrate on just good news stories – so nothing on COVID then – or they don’t even live in our area, while others just publish what we call fluff – public relations type stories.


What exactly is it we do?


Accurate news, breaking news, features, local interest – we cover anything and everything that helps inform the community, and we also source our news from within the community who let us know what’s happening out there – it’s citizen journalism at its finest.


Our community is important to us on so many levels, not least because it’s where we all live, but it’s also where our news and beautiful and often surprising reader-supplied photographs and videos come from – quite simply, we’re all in this together.


We’re fully trained journalists so we do the job properly, without fear or favour.


But while our readership is increasing fast, and we have a faithful core of supporters who do help fund us – our donations revenue needs to rise to ensure we can keep doing what we love – providing you with local news.


We chose the donations funding model because we don’t believe in paywalls that stop you reading local news, we don’t want to stuff the website with adverts, and we believe everyone should be able to read Hawkesbury news no matter their means.


So, we’re asking our readers to make a donation – no matter how small – to make sure Hawkesbury Post continues to provide your daily news.


If you can – make a regular monthly donation because that gives us the security we need to continue working far into the future and to help us constantly build our coverage.


Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please email us on


And if you’d like to donate to keep us going, simply click here….

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