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Kurrajong’s Positivity Tree blossoms with messages of hope to inspire the community

Sep 24, 2021


What a great idea is this – a colourful Positivity Tree is flourishing in Kurrajong’s main street as passers-by leave their own leaf-shaped and heart-shaped messages of hope, and take some home with them too.


The interactive art installation is the brainchild of Hawkesbury Community Outreach Services’ (HCOS) Dannii Warner and Sonya Parker who decided that in these difficult times for many in our community, we could all do with some much needed hope and positive thoughts.


And what a success it is proving to be, the colourful display of fluttering leaves lifting everyone’s spirits and giving some real gems of hope and positivity too.


Each day – the installation has been there since Wednesday – more of the multi-coloured laminated messages in the shape of leaves and hearts are added by Dannii and Sonya and other HCOS volunteers so people can come along, read them, and perhaps take one home to remind them of the great thought….you’re also encouraged to write your own positive messages too.


It is a formula which is clearly proving very positive and popular all round.


“We wanted to do something interactive, and tangible and artistic,” Ms Warner told the Post.


“And we wanted something that was in the community, something that during these times was positive and uplifting. It works for all ages. We’ve had so many people stopping and leaving messages, taking messages with them too. Kids love it and the parents too.”


And it’s all delivered in a COVID safe way, of course.


The Positivity Tree is outside the The Deli LaNa on Kurrajong’s main street and will be there for a couple more days. You can add your own words if you like, or just browse the messages to give you some kind and thought-provoking thoughts for the day, and you can even grab some free stuff from the tree in the form of pens and quotes.


You might even be lucky to catch up with some of workers to have a quick chat when they are doing a re-stock of the tree.


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