Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Lucky escape for truck driver who crashes over barrier at Wisemans and tumbles vehicle down cliff

Sep 17, 2021


Something of a miraculous escape this morning for a truckie after the truck and dog trailer he was driving failed to take a tight bend on Old Northern Road, near River Road at around 9.30am.


Mac Garrow who was on the Wisemans Ferry with his father in their own truck saw the accident unfold.


“He had slammed the brakes on,” Mac told the Post this morning. “He hit it [the corner] way too fast.


“We saw it go over [the cliff edge] and roll down through the trees. The ferry people called the ambulance and got their emergency equipment and we all got up there as quick as we could. My dad went down with some others, there were already some other blokes there, I stayed on the road, and they pulled the driver out. He’s okay, he just got a sore shoulder.”


Mac said he didn’t think the driver was a local, but we’ll confirm that as we get more information from the emergency services.


We’ve got some official information just now – 2pm – from Windsor Police. One of the first people on the scene was an off-duty police officer, after the fully laden semi- trailer lost control on the last hair-pin bend on Old Northern Road, Wisemans Ferry.


Police tell us the truck collided with the metal railing before continuing down the embankment for approximately 20 metres.


“The truck rolled on its side and came to rest in the bushland,” say police.


“An off-duty police officer came to the aid of the 42-year-old driver and sole occupant of the truck. With the assistance of NSWF&R and NSW Ambulance, the male was assisted up the embankment where he was treated and conveyed to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.”


Both lanes of Old Northern Road are closed shut as the retrieval of the semi-trailer takes place. The road is expected to remain closed for a number of hours, hopefully reopening by around 3pm.


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