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Magic Beans Emerges Victorious at Godolphin Dachshund Dash 

Dec 2, 2023

On the first day of summer, the annual Godolphin Dachshund Dash took centre stage with 36 spirited dachshunds vying for this year’s title. We caught up with Craig Nolan, Godolphin’s National Operations Manager, to uncover the roots of this charming event.

Three years ago, the Dachshund Dash had humble beginnings as an impromptu gathering for Godolphin staff and their beloved dachshunds. Led by Godolphin staff Renee Charles and her colleague Georgie Whittaker, the event quickly morphed into a race. What began as a light-hearted competition among colleagues soon evolved into a charitable affair.

More than 36 Dachshunds attended this years event.

Godolphin, one of the biggest names in the horse racing world, decided to infuse purpose into the event. Nolan shares, “We thought, why not make it worthwhile and involve some charities”. The Dachshund Dash soon transformed into a charity event and today they support Pink Finss, a local cancer patient support organisation.

This year’s event welcomed 36 adorable dachshunds, turning the race into a highlight of the community calendar. The format featured six heats of six dogs each, with the winners advancing to the final. The races were expertly called by veteran greyhound racing commentator Paul Ambrosoli. 

The pre-race favourite and two time champion, Arlo certainly looked the part before his heat.

Arlo, the crowd favorite and two-time reigning champion, entered the arena with a wave of support for a potential three-peat. However, the Dachshund Dash proved that on this particular sunny afternoon, the gods of canine racing had a different script in mind. Arlo, usually swift off the mark, found himself trailing and a bit wayward down the straight, ending his bid for glory.

“There is always one in the pack that will come out and shine but this year just wasn’t his day. Whether it was his training, or whatever I don’t know but it just didn’t work out from him this year,” Nolan mused.

With Arlo out of contention, the final race became a wide-open contest, with the six heat winners vying for the title. In a surprising turn of events, it was the sleek black and tan dachshund named Magic Beans who crossed the finish line first, claiming the 2023 Godolphin Dachshund Dash title.

Magic Beans was named “Top Dog” after taking out the 2023 Godolphin Dachshund Dash

Magic Beans, pictured proudly alongside owner Emma Matthews, showcased agility and speed, leaving onlookers in awe of the unexpected victory. Pure Blonde, owned by Lauren Smith, delivered a commendable effort, securing second place in the final. Elroy, under the ownership of Millie Thompson, rounded out the top three with a respectable third-place finish.

Despite Arlo’s setback, the atmosphere remained festive, and the crowd revelled in the unpredictable nature of the Dachshund Dash. Emma Matthews, the delighted owner of Magic Beans, was thrilled. “

 “Beans is a 3 year old I’ve had from a pup, a happy, fast little sausage that we love endlessly. We’re so proud of her, Matthews said.

Nolan was delighted at the overwhelming success of the event. “It’s grown each year,” he said.

With a picturesque setting and meticulous event planning by the Godolphin team, the Dachshund Dash has become a highlight not only for dachshund enthusiasts but for the broader community. Despite its growth, Nolan emphasises the importance of maintaining the event’s charm and ensuring everyone, including participants and spectators, has an enjoyable time.

Enjoy the photos from this year’s event below.

Twinkle Toes owned by Amie Double won Best Dressed.

She may not have won the final, but the lady in Pink “Olive Tree” – owned by Adam Maitland and Tommy Peters knocked favourite Aldo out of contention in the first heat of the day.

In a shock upset “Olive Tree” (pictures in pink) ended reining champion Aldo’s dreams of a third championship this year.

At the starters block.

At the starters box before the first of six heats.

The dogs had more fun than their humans.

Testing the surface before the races began.

The anticipation was building before the first race.

There were lots of new friends to meet.

Proceeds from the event go to support local cancer charity, Pink Finss.


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