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Man, 70, seriously injured after 5-metre fall from scaffolding – North Richmond

Apr 27, 2023

Picture – CareFlight…


The CareFlight helicopter was called to a building site in North Richmond this morning where a man aged in his 70s had fallen approximately five metres from scaffolding, resulting in serious injuries. The Mounties CareFlight Helicopter was tasked by NSW Ambulance at 9.55am and landed on the scene at 10.15am. Also in attendance were NSW Police. NSW ambulance paramedics worked alongside CareFlight’s medical team to treat the man, with CareFlight’s specialist doctor and NSW Ambulance critical care paramedic performing a clinical assessment, including ultrasound, and administering pain relief for head, shoulder and pelvic injuries. The man was taken by ambulance to Westmead Hospital, in a serious but stable condition, receiving ongoing treatment from CareFlight’s specialist doctor.

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