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MP Templeman praises ‘extraordinary service’ of Queen Elizabeth II as monarch passes at age of 96

Sep 9, 2022


With the passing of the UK’s longest reigning monarch, and Australia’s head of state, MP Susan Templeman today said, “the world mourns the death of Queen Elizabeth II” as the MP recalled her memories of the much-loved sovereign.

“Throughout her life, she demonstrated extraordinary service above self, and on behalf of the residents of Macquarie I express my deep sadness at her passing,” Ms Templeman said.

The Queen first visited the Macquarie electorate on February 12, 1954, arriving by train with the Duke of Edinburgh in Katoomba to visit Echo Point before taking a scenic drive to Leura. The Royal Train then departed Leura for Central Station.

“Like many youngsters, I waved at the Queen as her car drove by during her 1970 visit, delighted to catch a glimpse,” Ms Templeman said.

It was during that same visit, on April 30, 1970, that the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh visited St Matthew’s in Windsor, where she was shown a silver chalice and plate gifted to the church by King George IV in 1822.

“As a journalist, I had the privilege of meeting the Queen in 1986 in Canberra,” said Ms Templeman.

“No matter what your views about the monarchy, Queen Elizabeth earned my respect and that of so many others for her dedication.


“We unite in thanks at a remarkable life while our hearts go out to her family, who have lost their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.”

For those residents of the Blue Mountains and Hawkesbury wishing to express their condolences, a condolence book will be available at the MP’s Windsor office to sign from today – Friday.

Condolences may also be expressed online by visiting


Vale Elizabeth II.


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