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No power for Bowen Mountain residents Thursday as makeover begins on Grandview Lane

Feb 9, 2022


Electricity will be cut for Bowen Mountain residents from around 8am tomorrow – Thursday – until potentially 5pm as workers remove and replace power and phone poles on Grandview Lane before its infamous potholed dirt road is eventually sealed.


The poles are being moved – and in some cases replaced – to allow the pock-marked road to be widened. Grandview is closed today as work begins, with residents having to take a back road detour via Carters Road and Grose Lane to access their properties.

“The work is not being undertaken by Endeavour Energy but by private electrical contractors,” an Endeavour Energy spokesman told the Post.


Some 581 homes will be impacted during the planned outage, which includes all homes and business west of and including Serpentine Lane without power tomorrow. It may not be off for the whole time period – that depends on how work goes.

“As is typical in rural and semi-rural areas, due to the low density of customers, Bowen Mountain is supplied by one long spur-line where there is no capacity to back-feed customers from an adjoining part of the network,” said the Endeavour spokesman.


Grandview Lane is effectively a single lane road and it was listed for sealing, so tarmacked, under the so-called SRV (Special Rate Variation) program. Work on preparing and sealing the road was due to begin last year but was delayed because of the March floods, and then COVID stretched Council services.


Before it’s sealed there will also need to be work carried out clearing some of the heavy vegetation which borders the road.


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