Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

North Richmond & Yarramundi bridges may close this evening, Windsor tomorrow – Hawkesbury SES

Apr 7, 2022


Hawkesbury SES says continuing rainfall may see further river rises and that could lead to bridge closures from this evening.


Using Bureau of Meteorology information, the local SES says on its Facebook page, “this may see North Richmond Bridge and Yarramundi Bridge closed overnight Thursday into Friday”.


And for Windsor they point to BOM’s forecast for a potential moderate flood level for the Hawkesbury River of 7m by Friday morning.


“This may see Windsor Bridge access closed Friday morning,” says Hawkesbury SES, which means the roads leading to the bridge – particularly the Freemans Reach/Wilberforce end – may once again flood and be inaccessible.


BOM’s Flood Warning number 7 released at 5.55pm says, “Warragamba dam is spilling.


“Major flooding is likely along the Hawkesbury River at North Richmond from early Friday as a result of significant flows from the Upper Nepean and widespread rainfall.”


In some good news, BOM says any major flooding which is expected at North Richmond, is likely to be below the level of the March flood.


“River level rises have been observed across the Hawkesbury Nepean Valley and are expected to rise further with forecast rain,” says the BOM Flood Warning.


“Major flooding is occurring along the Upper Nepean River at levels higher than the March 2022 and similar to the April 1988 floods with further rises possible.


“Predictions for Lower Portland and Wisemans Ferry will be provided after upstream peaks are observed,” they say.


Latest full BOM Flood Warning here.


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