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On-call firefighters – Windsor Fire Station needs you – apply now

Jan 19, 2023


If you’ve ever thought about becoming a fire fighter, now is your chance as Windsor Fire Station puts out the call for community-minded men and women to consider joining the on-call firefighter ranks at the local station.


It’s rewarding, it’s a crucial local role, and you help the community too.


On-call firefighters respond from home or work to fires and other emergencies. There are two vacancies for on-call firefighters at Windsor Fire Station – so don’t delay, get in early.


Windsor Station Commander Kim Roche urges residents from all walks of life to consider becoming an on-call firefighter.


“Your local fire station relies on people in the community to put their hand up to become firefighters – without that support, regional fire stations cannot survive,” he said.


On-call firefighters balance work and family commitments to respond to fires and other emergencies on an ‘on call’, part-time basis.


Station Commander Roche said training includes advanced first aid, heavy vehicle driving, and how to deal with emergencies including fires, road accidents and hazardous material spills.


Firefighters also educate the community on fire safety and prevention, so it’s not only a worthwhile job, it’s also varied.


“Being an on-call firefighter does not mean that you have to be available every minute of every day,” says Commander Roche.


“Sharing availability with other on-call firefighters can reduce any potential impact on work and private life.”


Fire and Rescue NSW Commissioner Paul Baxter says on-call firefighters play a critical role in the delivery of fire and emergency services across regional and rural NSW.


“You don’t need to be superman or superwoman to be a firefighter – we want people who are reliable and keen to help others, especially local residents who are available to respond to emergencies during the day,” he said.


“If you’re a local employer, think about encouraging your staff to become firefighters. Not only will you be helping the community, but your staff will be trained in a whole range of skills.”


For more information on becoming an on-call firefighter, contact the MW3 Zone Office on 02 4782 2568 or visit

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