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Online welcome for Hawkesbury’s newest citizens

Sep 20, 2020

In these strange times we live in, one casualty of the pandemic has been citizenship ceremonies, or at least the ones where everyone gathers together – for the first time it’s been held online with Mayor Barry Calvert individually welcoming each new citizen on a face-to-face video call.

Hawkesbury mayor Barry Calvert makes history welcoming a new citizen online

Ten new citizens were welcomed on Thursday September 17 as part of Australian Citizenship Day 2020.

The new citizens are from South Africa, Thailand, the United Kingdom, New Zealand and Malta.

“There is no greater privilege than our citizenship. It’s a life-long commitment to Australia’s values of freedom, democracy, equality and respect,” Mayor Calvert said.

“This year on Australian Citizenship Day, Australia welcomed the largest number of new citizens nationally since the inaugural Australian Citizenship Day in 2001.

“Each year we are privileged to welcome new Australians as part of Australian Citizenship Day celebrations.”

The first Australian Citizenship Day was celebrated in 2001, alongside the Centenary of Federation.

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