Thursday, 23rd of May 2024
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Thursday, 23rd of May 2024

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Putty Road closed from Tues for 7 days between Upper Colo Rd Wheeny Creek and Wheelbarrow Ridge Rd

Apr 14, 2022


At least they’re waiting until the end of the Easter break, but the complete closure of Putty Rd at Colo for a week may well cause issues for motorists during the busy school holiday period.


Detours could take between two and four hours, according to

Hawkesbury MP Robyn Preston, who adds, “currently there is only one lane operating with traffic controllers on Putty Road, in the area of concern, due to the risk of boulders falling onto the road”.


The closure is planned so work can be carried out to complete “emergency slope repairs”, so basically cleaning up and then stabilising the rock slopes above the roadway, damaged after the recent heavy rains.

Work will be carried out near McDougal Drive at Colo from Tuesday 19 to Tuesday 26 April, with the closure in place between Upper Colo Road at Wheeny Creek and Wheelbarrow Ridge Road at Colo Heights, says Transport for NSW (TfNSW).


Here is some of the damage to the roadside


TfNSW staff and contractors will be on site for seven days, weather and worksite conditions permitting, with work taking place between 7am and 5pm but with the road closed at all times during this period.

Access will be allowed for emergency vehicles and immediate local access will be provided for residents living within the road closure area, says TfNSW.


Motorists are advised to drive to the conditions and follow the directions of signs and traffic control.

TfNSW says it thanks the community for their patience during this time.


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