Monday, 20th of May 2024
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Monday, 20th of May 2024

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Relief for Upper Colo residents as bridge reopens after floods

Jul 2, 2023

After a lengthy and challenging wait, the Upper Colo Bridge has finally been rebuilt and reopened today, providing immense relief to the residents of Upper Colo. The absence of a bridge, which was swept away by floods in 2021, had caused significant disruptions to the daily lives of the community.

The destruction of the wooden bridge during the March 2021 Hawkesbury River flood had unforeseen consequences for the locals. With the bridge out of commission, residents were forced to rely on a single access road riddled with potholes and landslips, worsened by subsequent rain events. This led to much longer commutes, decreased family gatherings, and increased isolation for the tight-knit community.

The timber bridge built in 1936 was destroyed by the 2021 floods.

The absence of the bridge also impacted essential services, causing disruptions and tripling emergency response times. Furthermore, farmers faced difficulties transporting their livestock to market.

More than two years later, the new concrete bridge, replacing the historic timber structure from 1936, was unveiled to a large crowd of local residents and politicians, marking a significant milestone for the community. Timber from the old bridge built by John Duffy was used in the construction of the new bridge. Mr Duffy’s two daughters attended today’s celebrations. 

However, the broader region continues to grapple with the aftermath of the devastating floods, as numerous infrastructure and road repairs still await attention.


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