Saturday, 2nd of March 2024
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Saturday, 2nd of March 2024

Reminder – clocks go back an hour in the early hours of Sunday as daylight saving ends…

Apr 2, 2022


Just a reminder, clocks go back an hour at 3am Sunday, signalling the end of daylight saving time, and giving us an extra hour’s sleep this weekend.


It means lighter mornings and earlier evenings and will run until October, when clocks will go forward an hour.


Sunrise and sunset will be one hour earlier than the day before.


The change is also known as fall back or winter time.


The change applies to New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.


Western Australia, Queensland and the Northern Territory do not observe daylight saving time.


And for anyone interested, Germany was the first country to bring in daylight saving during World War 1, to save fuel.


Tasmania became the first Australian state to turn back the clocks, also during the first World War, with Queensland soon following but initially just during the two world wars.


In 1971, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia and the ACT took up daylight saving, but Western Australia and the Northern Territory decided against it.


Queensland abandoned daylight saving in 1972, though briefly brought it back in 1989 for a year. In 1992, the Sunshine State held a referendum on the issue which saw 54% against daylight saving, and the clocks in Qld haven’t been adjusted annually since.


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